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Won a bunch of giveaways

Every year I grow this obsession with giveaways and try to enter as many as possible, but usually my efforts go nowhere since I don’t win anything. I even went to the trouble of creating a Twitter to enter giveaways because of how many Youtubers want you to share and like their giveaway tweets. Same for blogger’s giveaway where one entry requires you to follow them on bloglovin. Though I did all that, I just never won.

Luckily for me, my luck changed this year. I was able to win about 4 giveaways last month (January) and 2 giveaways during this month (February). The first 3 giveaway wins happened in the span of 3 days, which is unbelievable cool. The prizes I won are all small goodies, but I am happy to have them.

These giveaways are stated in chronicle order: 

Giveaway #1:

This year I started to be obsess with planners and Erin Condren, so I ended up joining a bunch of Facebook groups that have the same obsession as me. In one of the Facebook groups I joined, the members are very giving that they host weekly giveaways or raks. I participated in many of the giveaways, but never won so I didn’t really expect much. However one day I got tagged in the post that I won. I was shock by disbelief because I never won.The stickers I won are gorgeous; I just love the to-do list, page flags and half boxes stickers. They are designed very nicely.  I was excited to receive this, since I would love to use it in my “future” Erin Condren. I’m saying future cause I don’t have an Erin Condren yet since I already have another planner for this year.

Giveaway #2:

PlannerGoodiesAll these items are from the Dollar Tree and Target. It was given to me by a youtuber who wanted to thank her subscribers. This was the 2nd best prize I won because I’m a huge washi and sticky notes person, thus I was super happy to receive these. I have been using mainly the sticky notes and washi non-stop, especially been using them on my planner and on my penpal letters.


Giveaway #3 & 4:
Yes, I even won bogus/fake giveaways. Both were from a Facebook planner group. One never responded to me after I won their giveaway. The other did contact me, but never went through with the shipping of the prizes. I eventually gave up with contacting them because if they really wanted to ship the prizes, they would have done so. It has already been a month so no point in asking.

Giveaway #5:

On Instagram I commented on a post, and I won. Simple as that. Like always, I like to see how many people did I compete to win this. Funny when I went back to check the post, I realized I was the only one that commented on her giveaway making me the automatic winner. A part of me was happy I won, but sad it might be a fake giveaway. Usually when nobody comments on an Instagram post, it means it was a fake giveaway. That’s why I  really wasn’t expecting to receive it because I too thought it was a fake giveaway. However I was proven wrong and received this lovely planner and stickers the next week. Since I tagged my sister, she also received this as well.

Giveaway #6:


My last win of the month! I won a Guardian of the Galaxy scarf from an unboxing channel on Youtube. I have started to follow a lot of unboxing channels, purely because I love to see what’s in those monthly subscription boxes. I noticed that in this year, monthly subscription boxes are trendy. There are literally many genres of subscription boxes from superheros to makeup. There is even a Pusheen box!

Here are all my prizes for these past 2 months! I’ll update if I win more!